You don’t have to give up sandwiches just because you’re on a low carb diet. These 10 best low carb keto sandwich recipes substitute bread with some interesting ingredients so that you can enjoy them 100% guilt-free. Get your tastebuds ready for some amazing flavors in ‘wich’ form!

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There are so many ways to enjoy a bread-less sandwich.

There’s the infamous protein burger, hamburgers sandwiched with lettuce, popularized by none other than In-N-Out.

Then there are cucumber sandwiches, which are an easy spin on lettuce wraps.

Of course, you can also make bread with almond flour, rendering it keto-friendly and totally carb-y…


There are tons of recipes for homemade keto breads (even mouthwatering keto sweet/dessert breads) and even more ways to pair them with delicious sandwich fillings for a delicious meal.

I hope these 10 low carb sandwich recipes encourage you to explore new and fun ways to rethink sandwiches for keto. 🙂


1. Keto Cuban Sandwich

Ham, pork, Swiss cheese, and mustard.

This low carb keto Cuban sandwich may seem simple, but it certainly hits the spot.

The sandwich bread is made with almond flour, mozzarella cheese, cream cheese, and egg and comes together easier than you might think.

If you’re hesitant in making your own almond flour bread, I highly recommend SoLo brand.

It’s a bit on the pricey side, but it’s one of the better low carb store-bought breads and is a total life-saver when you just can’t spare time to make homemade bread.

Get the recipe at MinceRepublic

2. Keto Grilled Cheese

Okay, so you know and love classic grilled cheese, but have you had it with 90-second coconut flour bread?

I know.

Sounds crazy.

90 seconds??

Yup, that’s all it takes to make Vered’s wonderful and may I say magical bread in the microwave!

She pairs it with cheddar cheese and there you have it – a crazy good snack/meal that’ll leave you completely SATISFIED.

Get the recipe at HealthyRecipesBlogs

3. Keto McGriddle

These bad boys are only 2g carbs each and are going to make you forget all about Mickey D’s in the morning.

These keto McGriddles are made with an almond flour pancake bun that’s to die for.

You can even enjoy them by themselves with

sugar-free syrup

Oh and another thing about these pancake buns?

They’re awesome freezer packers, just microwave when you need a quick bite!

Get the recipe at ThisMomsMenu

4. No Bread Turkey Club

Doesn’t this no bread turkey club look great?

What I love about lettuce wraps is that they’re so easy and literally made for keto.

Lots of avocado and turkey in this bread-less sandwich means heart-healthy calories that’ll keep you full and energized.

Talk about clean energy!

Get the recipe at MadAboutFood

5. Keto Sausage and Egg Breakfast Sandwich

Egg is another great way to go bread-less.

This keto McMuffin sausage and egg breakfast sandwich is just what your mornings need.

Not only is it super delicious, it’ll save you a lot of money as well!

Get the recipe at PeaceLoveAndLowCarb

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6. Low Carb Turkey and Cucumber Sandwiches

For a sandwich that’s delectably light, try this low carb turkey and cucumber recipe.

It’s aromatic with dill and stuffed with turkey and cheese.

Pure yum.

Get the recipe at


7. Greek Cucumber Subs

Another version of a cucumber sandwich is this Greek cucumber sub.

These are a bite of the Mediterranean – delicious subs of hummus, turkey, olives, mozzarella, feta, and tomatoes.

Get the recipe at Delish

8. Breakfast Keto Sandwich

Meat lovers rejoice!

This breakfast keto sandwich has a bun made of sausage and it’s mouthwateringly good.

This is one of my favorite keto breakfasts and after one bite, you’ll know why!

Get the recipe at HeyKetoMama

9. Cucumber Sandwiches

The folks over at Carb Switch has got cucumber sandwiches DOWN.

If you love cucumber sandwiches, you can find even more ideas for these lovely low carb creations over on their website! 🙂

Get the recipe at


10. Low Carb Keto Cauliflower Grilled Cheese

Last but not least, this grilled cheese made with cauliflower bread will give your tastebuds the sweetest of dreams.

This low carb keto grilled cheese has 7g carbs per serving and it’s something you can whip up in under 30 minutes.

Super easy and quick = keto win!

Get the recipe at KetoCoachForWomen

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